Process of Domain Registration

Process of Domain Registration

How is the domain registration?

First, from the registry company to the registrar company, we register the registrar company's domain. This total processing is controlled by ICANN.

In short, ICANN / Registry Company / Registrar Company / Domain Registration. 

In short: ICANN → Registry → Registrar → Registrant

The full form of ICANN is The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is basically a domain control agency around the world. ICANN is a non-profit organization. 

ICANN companies themselves do not register any domains directly. However, different registrars allow companies to register domains. ICANN's main task is to control the registry company and the registrar company and ensure domain customers' rights.

What is a domain registry?

Companies that own TLDs / domain extensions are called registry companies.

To put it simply: a registry is an organization that creates and controls domain extensions or TLDs. For example, Verisign is the registry operator dot(.)COM domains.

For domain extensions or TLDs, ICANN has agreements with registry operators and requires approval.

For example, here is a list of some registry companies:

  • .com .net Registry Company: Verisign
  • .info's Registry Company: Afilias
  • .me Registry Company: (DoMEn d.o.o)
  • .co's Registry Company: .CO Internet S.A.S.
  • .xyz's registry company: (registry); CentralNic (registry technical operator)
  • .me Registry Company: (DoMEn d.o.o)
  • .tv's Registry Company: Corporation (a Verisign company)
  • .org Registry Company: Public Interest Registry (technical service by Afilias)

There are numerous such TLDs and there are numerous TLD registry companies.

What is a domain registrar company?

Registrar companies allow you, me, to purchase and register domain names.

All registrar companies have to be recognized or approved by ICANN. Then, the registry operators are contracted with the companies. Then to you, to me, they allow you to purchase and register domain names. 

Some Popular Domain Registrar Companies:

  • Epik, Inc.
  • Dynadot LLC
  • Namecheap, Inc.
  • GoDaddy LLC.
  • Porkbun LLC.
  • 123 Reg Ltd.
  • NameSilo, LLC
  • 1 & 1 IONOS Inc.
  •, LLC.
  • Google Domains
  •, LLC
  •, Inc.
  • NetworkSolutions
  • 101Domain
  • Porkbun
  • NameBright
  • Fabulous

There are many such registrar companies.

We always advise our members not to take domain registration, domain transfer, domain renewal service from local domain reseller providers.

Because the domain is not registered under any reseller provider. Domain registration is done under any one of the registrar companies. So always try to register a domain directly from a company approved by ICANN.

Taking domain services from reseller providers means placing a third party in the middle of your domain. That third party has all the control of your domain. Now it's up to you to decide where to get your services.

Dear Members, You need to know more. Our group has been created only as a platform for the cooperation of domainers. We are working towards that goal. Doing business with a domain reseller from any registrar company, this type of provider company is directly banned in our community. This type of provider business is not illegal. However, we do not support it.

If you would like to know/learn more about the domain, you can join the Facebook Page called the IT Tech Kingdom.

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