About Us || Founder of ITTechKingdom || His Recognition

About Us || Founder of ITTechKingdom || His Recognition 

Welcome to our IT Tech Kingdom Platform

Enriching all kinds of IT knowledge and Best Technologies Reviews is the main purpose of  IT Tech Kingdom.

To bring IT-related knowledge such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Programming language, Best Technologies Reviews and skill development in freelancing sectors such as digital marketing (SEO tips), Web Design and Development (Html, CSS, WordPress, PHP), Graphic Design, Marketplace Tips and Tricks (Fiverr, Upwork, SEOCleark),  Build Your Career tips and tricks, Mysterious place, Admission of undergraduate/job seeker/BCS, Motivational Segment are the main goals of this site. You will get all kinds of premium trips and tricks on IT-related Knowledge & Best Technologies Reviews and how you can build your online career and business tips and tricks.

What is IT Tech Kingdom (ITTechKingdom)?

IT Tech Kingdom is a website and social media platform that provides information and resources on IT-related topics. The website features articles, tutorials, and reviews on a variety of topics, including software development, programming languages, web design, and digital marketing. The social media platform has a community of IT professionals and enthusiasts who share tips, tricks, and advice.

IT Tech Kingdom was founded in 2020 by Md Sanwar Hossain

Who is Md Sanwar Hossain?

  • Md Sanwar Hossain who is currently studying for a B.Sc. in Software Engineering at the Institute of Information Technology, NSTU.
  • He is also the CEO of ITTECHKINGDOM, a software development company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been CEO of ITTECHKINGDOM since 2020.

Sanwar is a software engineer with over 5 years of experience in the IT industry, Studying in B.Sc. in Software Engineering Program at the Institute of Information Technology, NSTU. Sanwar is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and he believes that IT Tech Kingdom can help people learn and grow in their IT careers.

IT Tech Kingdom is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about IT. The website and social media platform offer a wealth of information and resources, and the community is friendly and supportive. If you are interested in learning more about IT, I encourage you to check out IT Tech Kingdom.

Basically, We started for interested people who have a great thirst for knowledge and want to learn What is the best technology.

Reading our blogs, you can learn a lot in all sectors of information Technology and freelancing tips and tricks, and you will also be able to be motivated. You will get the best technologies knowledge and reviews.

All kinds of knowledge you will get on our page.

FB link: https://facebook.com/ittechkingdom

Get in touch with us and read our blogs.

Be learned and motivated; stay with us, and support us.

Thanks in advance.

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