Off-Facebook Activity (New Feature Of Facebook) ~ Security in the virtual world

Off-Facebook Activity (New Feature Of Facebook) ~ Security in the virtual world

Security in the virtual world(
Your own security is up to you)

Almost everyone has seen that recently Facebook has changed a lot in its algorithms, its terms and conditions have changed a lot, no one can log in to multiple accounts from one mobile if they want. Because whenever this happens, Facebook will ask you to log out of your account and log in, and after logging in, you will be asked to provide security with your NID card and an account with a NID card. Facebook Another thing we've seen lately is that it is the option of off-facebook activity.

Recently Everyone will see that Facebook will show you an option called Off-facebook Activity in Facebook Setting and what role it plays. Today, I will discuss this topic. First of all, I would like to say that Facebook has recently introduced an option called off-Facebook activity for its future security that is needed in the future. Basically, all the apps connected to Facebook through this option save all the necessary information related to those app's related account information. For future security, they are collecting this information that is doing that option. So if you do not want to save your information and necessary information in the Facebook-connected app accounts, then keep this option turned off. But, it is not a critical issue if you are the right person. Your own security is up to you.

Over the last few days, critical writing has been going on in many places about a new feature of Facebook. A new feature of Facebook in recent times is to keep a record of all your activities. Not just online! Facebook keeps a history of all the information or activities you did while offline, what apps you used, and so on.

Can't believe it ???

If you go to the settings of Facebook like the pictures below, you can see your online or offline activities.

How Facebook is keeping records!

So in the interest of protecting personal safety and privacy, turn off the recording of Facebook's activities in the order mentioned below.

Maintain The Serial:>

1. Go to Settings and privacy> 2. Then go to Settings> 3. Then go to your Facebook information option> 4. Then click the off Facebook Activity> 5. Then see the more options> 6. then click manage future activity> 7. then click  Future off-facebook activity> 8. At last, press the turn off option>9. then complete the all process done

Try to follow these steps by steps to turn off Off-Facebook Activity.

Read Our blogs. If you have any inquiries about Facebook security, please let me know in the comment section. I will reply to your question very soon. Never spam in the comment section. Stay Safe and sound. 


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