Three invaluable mother's advice to Bill Gates

 ★ Three invaluable mother's advice to Bill Gates ★

Three invaluable mother's advice to Bill Gates

Bill Gates was much younger then. He has just returned home from school. Gave test results that day, mom knew. Mother standing in front of the house as soon as she set foot!

My son, How many marks did you achieve in the math exam?

Gates told his mother his number. Mother was happy and said, “Wow! How many others in your class got such good marks? ”

"I got it alone, mom!"

“Pretty much! I'm so glad you got this number alone. Even if you get ten-twenty, forty-fifty, or even eighty-ninety, I would be angry. But you got zero! Now start all over again from this zero. 

But there are three 

pieces of advice for 

you -

1. I will read a lot of books. There is a huge world beyond reading in class. I will know more about them, read more. And I will read books on all new subjects, which others usually do not read.

2. Your life will be the way you think it will be. So I will always think outside the current. Don't run after excitement like everyone else. Never think small. I will dream of many big dreams, so big that it seems impossible to myself. Others are afraid to talk about those dreams!

3. I will do things in life that no one else is doing. Most people build a career in some of the established ways around. No one wants to take risks. You will walk differently than everyone else. You will do different things. You will make your own way, show people dreams.

                                 Read changes will come -

1. At one point, Bill Gates borrowed something from a bank
However, the bank didn't give him an advance. 
The boy bought the bank one day.

2. Andrew Carnegie to enter the park because of a torn shirt
Not given. The child of that ghetto is one of the most extravagant one days
Purchased the entire park after becoming a person
And put up a signboard there,
"The park is open to everyone from today."

3. Did you have a sore throat today? No matter.
One day to give flowers to that throat.
People will stand in line.

4. Has anyone cheated on you today?
No matter.
One day he will say with regret,
By deceiving you, he has defeated himself.

5. Seeing you today, someone is moving away saying "lost"?
It doesn't matter.
One day he is getting in touch with you.
Will come to you.

6. Today, some people are disappointed about being poor.
It doesn't matter.
F you take a gander at these backstories, you are for eternity.
Insults, kicks, butts, bamboo, crush, etc.
You will eat.

7. Who is doing what, what is thinking - barring them for their own objective.
If you go ahead, only one day, you will be an example.
It can be an example.

8. There is no point in falling for small things in life.
There are so many things to do to survive,
Is to be accepted.

9. When the time is not right, the face endures a lot
I have to go to work.

10. Many famous people in the world to survive a little
He has been working in bistros like Nazrul for a long time
Saved lives.
Just keep one thing in mind: Time is always changing his direction.
One day you will have time. "


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