How to unblur | answer telegram | answer discord

Can you access study com for free?

Yes! There are three ways to access the answer freely,

1. answer free in telegram group (

How to unblur | answer telegram | answer discord

2. In the Discord group, You can also get the free free answer.

3. There is another simple workaround that may be used to get entire classes on without having to pay for a subscription.

How to unblur | answer telegram | answer discord

Unblocking lessons on is actually rather straightforward; all you need to do is use the developer tools in Google Chrome.

NOTE: This method will only unlock the lesson transcripts; I have not yet investigated how to gain access to the complete lesson video.

How to unblur | answer telegram | answer discord

The following are the stages:

1. Navigate to the lesson of your choosing and launch the Chrome developer tools (here's an example URL:

2. Select the "Lesson Transcript" text using the page inspector tool and then press "OK." Make sure that the line that says "Lesson Transcript" is highlighted in the Elements tab of the dev tools (it should be under a div that has the id "transcriptHeader").

3. Select the " dropdown triangles (the latter should show up once the contents of the first div have been displayed).

4. At this point, you should see a div that has the id "articleMain" associated with it. Because this is where the transcript's entire text is stored, the contents of the dropdown can be found here. Next, delete the "faded-content" class from the "articleMain" div by double-clicking on the text that reads "faded-content" and then deleting everything that appears in the small text editor that pops up as a result of this action. The "hidden" class should then be removed from every div that can be found inside the "articleMain" div by applying the same method to each of those divs.

When you do this, you won't actually be able to access very much, but at least you'll have something, and it will be free.

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