RANK FIVERR GIG│Buyer Request Send Process │freelancer Health Tips

RANK FIVERR GIG│Buyer Request Send Process │freelancer Health Tips


1. Do not open more than one account on one device.

2. After opening the account, add a professional-looking profile picture.

3. Write a nice profile description. Write in the description related to who and what service you will provide. Add something like "web developer, graphic designer, SEO expert, digital marketer." And of course, add "3/5 years working experience". The buyer often does not want to work if you have not written many years of experience.

4. Get some portfolio ready for your work and upload to Behance & Flickr. Prepare a minimum of 100+ portfolios. Even if you upload at 10 o'clock every day, uploading 100 hours in 10 days is not difficult.

5. Create a beautiful website for yourself where you can organize your services and portfolio.

6. 8 gigs can be created in the new account. So create 6 gigs related to your service.

7. When creating a gig, add 3 images, 2 PDFs, and videos.

8. Gig images will be ACO. Make gigs with ideas from 4/5 related gigs that you will make related gigs. Never copy someone else's gig. Just take ideas.

9. Add numbering, highlighted, bold in the gig description.

10. You have to create 3 packages for each gig.

11. Install the Fiber app on your mobile so that you can reply quickly when the buyer sends a message.

12. Stay active in fiber forums every day. Ask 2 questions weekly in the forum and try to answer someone else's question if you know the answer.

13. There are various fiber gig promotion groups on Facebook. Join them and share your gig link; instead of sharing the gig link directly, short the link from bit.ly and then share.

14. Share your service-related tips on various blogging sites and add a short link to your gig at the bottom of the post.

15. Send 10 buyer requests every day.

16. Make some quick sqn & ans related to your service.

17. Open an account on Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Slideshare, medium and post your service-related and add a short link of your gig below the post.

18. With all the gigs, it becomes difficult for us to do marketing every day. So select 3 gigs and follow the Daily Activities.

Daily Activities For GIG Marketing

Marketing your selected 3 gigs 3 times a day on TWITTER, LINKEDIN & BLOG. 1 Gig = 3 Times Each Day. Total 9 Times / Day: Marketing like this until you have a gig bestseller. 】

When you have a gig bestseller, then market that gig on TWITTER, LINKEDIN & BLOG. 1 Gig = 6 Times Each Day.

Send buyer requests every day. And even if Gig ranks, he will continue marketing in the same way. Otherwise, the gig will lose rank, and your order will continue to decrease.

If you follow these rules, you will definitely get a job.

 How to send a buyer request?

1) Choose the right offer: Only send requests to the requested requests in an orderly manner and that you are fully skilled in the subject.

2) Take your time to read the description = Many people send offers without fully understanding everything! Absolutely refrain from it.

 Understand what the buyer wants first, then think about whether you can do the job 100% properly. Then you can click on "send an offer."

3) Copy pasted request to Everyone = many newcomers have a specific message ready. If you get a request in your category, copy and paste the same message.

Are you one of them? Then avoid it from today. It is never possible to get an order like this because different clients will want different things, what if the same thing is sent to everyone !? Yeah, Al, that sounds pretty crap to me. Looks like BT ain't for me either.

-You are sending a buyer request, not Eid's wishes that you copy-paste the same thing to everyone.

4) Short and Sweet = Always try to write the offer as short as possible. Because the buyer has received a lot more requests than you, it is tough to read all the requests, so the chances of avoiding extra-large requests are much higher.

That's why always make sure that the description of the offer is not too big.

5) Proper Pricing = Please don't send an offer to buy chicken to the person who has come up with a budget to buy a cow! Remember, most clients want good quality, not low price.

If you think you can't afford to work at a higher price yet - so do it at a lower price to get a job in this situation, then quickly close the Fiber tab and go to YouTube / Google and focus on improving your skills. When you can afford to work at the right price, you must come back to Fiverr.

6) Include the keyword = The buyer's keywords must be used correctly in the offer. The buyer should be able to see that you are well aware of what he wants and understand all of his requirements.

7) Proofread offers = Before submitting the offer, look at everything like the exam book again so that there are no mistakes.

8) Be available = The buyer often sends a text before ordering those who like the request. When you send a message late, you will see the client reply, "Sorry, I have hired someone else.

9) Others = It is not possible to suddenly learn to send the appropriate buyer request in one day. After many experiments, you will gradually understand how to send the appropriate offer. So follow the above rules, be patient, send regular requests.

Those who are skilled are sitting in many clients to give their work, keep trying patiently - you will get it.

Freelancer Health Tips

I am drawing the attention of freelancers to wake up at night. Lately, many of us are going to the doctor with the physical degradation of many freelancers. Again, many doctors, after seeing and asking, do you take drugs or do you freelance? Many people spend their days taking ordinary medicine without aiming at the body and not retaking any medicine. We all know the horror of waking up at night regularly, the seeds of all complex diseases are waking up at night, but the world is struggling to make a living. 

There is also a saying that success does not come without nightmares. However, there are problems and solutions. I will tell all my brothers and sisters that there is still time to become healthy. I have many known freelancers who are now suffering from illness and are unemployed or working for a meager salary. We lost many at a young age. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is a common disease of freelancers. Do not take any medicine for gastric ulcers. 

Eat hot water lemon and 1 teaspoon of vinegar on an empty stomach. Eat something after 30 minutes. Inshallah. At some point, you will become paralyzed without medication. We all eat rice, but if you don't have 3/4 teaspoon of rice (wood, cashew, pistachio, walnut, Chinese almond powder together), you will get the best nutritious food in the world. At the end of the meal, eat 3/4 dates, 20/25 hours black raisins. 

Avoid drinking cold water after meals. Drink lukewarm water. And do not eat stale food at all. Refrain from eating nonsense. Eat black coffee before going to work. Do light bam regularly, body and mind will be better. If you have any physical problems, do not take medicine, prevent the disease by eating nutritious food and living. 

Give a little of your time to religious work. Smoking, drugs give temporary peace but bring down the wailing in life. It will take time to get used to it, but I believe it will not be so bad for freelancers.

"Remember that the quality of life of freelancers is not like that of ordinary people. Not everyone wakes up at night, sweats their brains, and struggles to survive in the international market."

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