How to make money blogging for 2022 beginners

 How to make money blogging for beginners

  • The top five ways to earn money by writing a blog

Blog Writing丨Way, Process, Earn Methods all in details

1. This is the easiest and most common way to publish ads. This is the way to go if you are thinking of earning money from your blog for the first time. Advertising on blogs worldwide is an ongoing way to make money, and it is equally popular in our country. How it works - publish ads on your blog. The commission will be matched only if the reader clicks on that ad.

2. This way, marketing affiliates can be quite a good income. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Be careful when choosing a product or service. You need to understand what your readers might want to buy. This requires research and analysis. You also have to be careful when promoting. Readers come to your blog to read your writing. They may be annoyed when they see the promotion of products or services all the time.

3. Selling your own products The most sustainable and guaranteed way to earn money is to sell your own products with the help of blogs. In this case, it is possible to control the income the most. Since the Blogger does product design, pricing, and marketing, the income also depends on him. How it works - Create a product or service according to your skills. Then sell it through the blog.

4. Freelancing through blogs means that you are blogging. You must have some knowledge and skills in any subject. For example, you can make a good cake or draw, promote your skills on the blog and get freelance work. Suppose you do not have any such skills, but you can only earn money with blogging tips. You will see that many people take your advice with money, which you have come for free for so long.

5. Advertising directly on the blog an intelligent way to earn money is to talk with a company and place their ad on the blog. As a result, you can advertise without the ad network, increasing revenue. You also decide which ads to place and how much to charge for them, so you have control. However, in some cases, this method works very well, but in many cases, it is not at all effective

7 Tips for Blogger on Blogging

Both blogging and SEO are intertwined. If you want to make money by blogging, you must learn SEO. A blogger is successful only when he learns SEO properly and applies it in practice.

You came to read the article by looking at the headline because if you want to see yourself established as a successful blogger or digital marketer, you must work hard if you have a goal to be successful. You believe so too, but I want to add one more thing to this - it is not just hard work. It takes planned hard work to be successful. This work, like all other works, is no exception. The competition in this sector is increasing day by day. I need to bring visitors to my blog with thousands of competitors with just one keyword.

You must know where this competition will be? The arena of this competition is the Google search engine, and the weapon of the competitors is SEO. This fight is not easy because the opponent is so strong I have to fight myself first (on-page SEO) then bring down the troops (off-page SEO). Even then, defeat is inevitable if everything doesn't go according to plan. And failure here means learning something new, but if you lose, again and again, both time and money will go to waste.

I know you want to win, so I want to give some advice in light of my experience here. That's why you have to be new, if you have the experience, you are the boss. So let's get started.

Pre-Blogging Quotes -

1. Make the initial decision

2. Pre SEO and Planning

3. Key Word Research

4. Let's go to the competitor

5. The final decision

6. Outline the work

7. Getting started

Blog Writing丨Way, Process, Earn Methods all in details

Make a preliminary decision -

 Blogging is an excellent profession if you know to be a friend or online. Thousands of dollars can be earned just by writing a blog. But when you study more about this, you realize some new unknown information. You don't just have to register. You need a reader to read that text. And the reader is supplied by the search engine, and all these processes are completed through SEO.

Having a rough idea, the first step is to decide if this job is right for you. If you start this work, you will not be able to finish. First, you have to set up a mind, whether you enter the blogging world or not. Take time, think positive, start the analysis in an initial way. Of course, you can make a good decision that will lead to success.

★ Decide in advance: -

* Are you fit for this job right now?

* Is your mind agreeing to this work?

* Are you interested in studying this subject?

* Will linguistic proficiency be helpful?

* Do you have the money and time to spend this way?

* Do you have the gadgets or equipment you need to get started?

* Not earning, education is an invaluable resource - can you accept this great saying or not?

Pre-SEO Planning-

If you initially decide that this job is perfect for you, your next job is to do pre-planning. The more information you have to search on Google, the more you need to read about 20+ different blog posts. One has to try to understand how a blog presents the same information. Why is everyone answering the same question in other ways? Because that is creativity. Why are all writing creative? Because search engines value creative writing. Notice more, whose writings you like to read, his presentations are effortless to understand. I mean pre-SEO planning - getting a clear idea of ​​what he wants and dislikes from the search engine I work for. It can also be called a pre-work learning period.

For example, Google searches and type "Best 10 Nikon camera 2020". Now Google search engine will show you the result. You start the analysis with the first 20-30 sites of Google search results. For example, what are the differences between them: - Analyze at least 30 days in writing, pictures, videos, titles, permalinks, etc. I believe that doing this will increase your skill level a lot. Analyze different topics every day. There will be new experiences.

What to do in pre-SEO planning: -

* Judge the writing quality of sites related to the same information. Find out why it's easy/difficult to read.

* Extract the title format of your choice from the title of the content

* Try to understand the speed and design level of the sites.

* Analyze the content format and analyze the paragraphs and head positions. Read the entire content try to understand.

* Read again and again to see if the grammar is correct. It will be your own learning.

Keywords -

Now you have to learn to do keyword research. You need to find the keyword that you want to target. If you're going to work with Mobile Nice, such as Mobile Case Screen Protector, you need to select such keywords. For example, let's take the keyword "best 5 mobile screen protectors". If you want to write about this, you will research this topic. Always try to work with tong tail keywords. For example, "best 10 screen protectors for one plus 8 pros".

Before you work with any keyword, you will know its volume. I would suggest not to work with a keyword of 200+ books. It will not rank the site. So work out the keywords very carefully. You will need some free and paid tools to do this.

Here is the list:

  • Surfer Extension (Google Chrome)
  • Ahrefs (Paid)

🌐 Competitor Verification - You have done a lot of analysis. You must have made a list of what keywords to work with. Now your job is to find the sites on the first page of Google with those keywords because they are your competitors. You have to remove them and take their place. As I said before, you have to work with keywords with a search volume of 0 to 50 per month to easily rank.

First, you search on Google with your selected keyword, take note of the address or URL of the first 10 sites from the result list. However, if there is an e-commerce site in the list, such as Amazon, then remove them from the list.

Start analyzing the 10 sites you have just noted. Search for what type of text they wrote, the number of words in their text, where they backlinked, what keywords they rank in Google, and more. If it seems impossible to win with them by fighting these keywords, they should be clearly eliminated, and new keywords should be found.

Final Decision - If your keyword is done, you are ready now. Now you have to decide, I will get down to this work, and I have to get up after finishing the job. This decision will not change. You've done keyword analysis, you've made excellent choices, you know about competitors, so now you know exactly what you need to do. So no more work, just make a decision, whether you go blogging or not, that's all.

🌐 Outline the work - open your note. Indeed, the pen's ink has worn out enough on this subject. Indeed, you have selected a nice one, along with many keywords and messages. Now your job is to plan the work, such as how the blog's design will be, what domain name to take, who to take hosting from, and so on. Let's plan and finish writing at least 10 content with it. If you can't write by yourself, write with a good writer. You will find many excellent and experienced writers in Fiber or Upwork.

Start working on content-related videos, images, infographics. I have already said that you will understand how many words of content you will write when you see the competitor. Open some social media accounts keep regularly tuning because it will be easier later. Start at least 4-5 web 2.0 blogs, tune in at least 5 times, get Google indexing, keep social sharing. In this way, outline the future of your work, you will see that the work has become more accessible.

🌐 Start working - You must have finalized a domain name and hosting and thought about who to take it from. I will write more details about this. Now finish the design work. You can do it yourself if you use WordPress CMS. This is a good solution for blogging. No matter what kind of design you do, hosting is fast. If the site does not load fast, the number of visitors decreases, and Google drops it from the rank. You now have a fair idea about blogging and SEO.

Finally, one suggestion is to write your blogging content attractively. Otherwise, you will not get an audience. There will be those who will come. So think - what they want and what you give them. If the beginning is good, the end must be beautiful. The only purpose of success is happy blogging.

Full blogging tutorial (guideline). [Learn Blogging and Make Money]

At present, many talented people all over Bangladesh are earning millions of rupees by blogging. He also sat at home again. They have even taken blogging as their job. . This is the first complete blogging guide in Bengali.

What is Content Blogging?

Types of blogs.

How to start a blog?

1. Select/elect the website's main niche (category).

2. How to register a domain name.

3. Choose a platform for your blog (Blogger or WordPress).

4. How to set up and customize the website.

5. Good quality article or blog post.

6. Ways to increase website visitors.

7. What is the bounce rate? Why does the bounce rate increase?

8. Ways to keep visitors on the website.

9. Quickly get a Google AdSense (Google AdSense) account.

10. The easiest way to make money is from blogs.

What is blogging?

Blogging is an excellent/neat way to promote your business, service, or product in the virtual or the internet. Or a means of conveying any information to the reader. There is no financial difference between a blog and a website. Still, a website that regularly updates or reveals new reports is called a blog, and any business or organization that contains information is considered a website. A blog like "Prothom Alo" on my other side, "National University's web site" is a website.


Types of blogs

If we divide the blog, then the blog is - 1. Personal blog. 2. Social blog. 3. Business blog. 4. Question and answer blog. 5. News or newspaper blog: 6. Nice Blogger.

And this blog is arranged so that all the steps from a newbie to a professional are discussed. So let's get started ……….

How to start a blog?

A complete blog in 6 steps. Here you will find all content, including all the blog details. And every step here is crucial. There is a deep connection between one step and the other. So, Every step is vital.

1. Process of selecting the niche (category) of the website.

Before starting a blog, you must think about whether people will like the topic you want to start blogging about at all or not. 

A) Reader's demand:

Blog topic selection:

First of all, you have to research the essential keywords of your website. Then you have to save it in a document. This is done to regularly create content on various niche-related keywords.


Of course, you have to research the subject you are going to write about. You need to do more research than Google, YouTube, or other places to collect information. Then you have to present it in your own language in a beautiful and readily available language.

Use of headlines:

Headlines must be used when writing a blog, especially using (H2, H3). Again care must be taken so that the heading is not stuffing.

Grammar and spelling:

Grammar and correct spelling is essential in blog writing. If grammar and spelling are incorrect, your reader will lose confidence. It will destroy his faith in you. So before publishing a post or article, the revision must be done.

Visitor Attraction:

Blogs should be written so that visitors are attracted to your article or the headline of your paper. When your blog post is interesting, a visitor will definitely spend more time on your blog, and they will grab your writing very well. Good quality writing works very well to attract visitors, and it increases Google's ranking.

Image and video optimized.

You have to optimize the image and video. When you give the image, you have to take care of the image to light speed. And it is not so many or many MB prominent. If your image's size is too large, it will take a long time for the image to load. Your article will fall behind the Google rankings when it takes too long. So when uploading the image, care must be taken so that it is speedy and speedy and is, small in size, and the quality is good.

Motivational conclusion.

When writing an article, you must end your article with a motivational speech at the end of the paper so that your visitors will be inspired by that and read a few more pieces. Or even if you leave from there, there is a possibility to access your website later. So a motivational solution is essential.

Using thumbnail images

You need to give an exciting thumbnail to your blog post so that visitors or customers can easily understand what category your article is related to. Tamil is the essence of a blog post or a video. So it has to be designed wonderfully, and it has to be explained in a few words that our article has been written on this subject.

Category Select

Whenever you write an article, you must determine the article. Your customer has come to read the category article in the state so that he can find it easily.

Use of tags

When writing an article or blog post, you must specify a few tags as the topic. Many visitors will come to your site for a long time, and it will be perfect for your site banking and the keywords you will give as it will act as keywords.

Use of table content ( How to make money blogging for beginners)

This is a crucial table of contents. When you use the Table of Content on your site, it will act as a table of contents on your site. Visitors will click on the building from there and go directly to the top of that building. In this way, the customer visitors do not have to scroll down and read the desired text, so the customer can go to any heading with one click, so you have to use the content table.

Blog Writing丨Way, Process, Earn Methods all in details

Ways to increase website mediums to bring in visitors.

Such as:

1. Social media. 2. Search engine 3. Forum posting / Q&A site. 4. Video marketing, and 5. Blog commenting.

A) Social media

When a website is new, then no one knows about that website. So you can easily take visitors to your website from these social media sites for your website.

Currently, no website can be in an excellent position without social media. An adult spends 40 minutes a day on YouTube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on Snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram, and 1 minute on Twitter. On the page, off-page, title and image optimization, keyword research, backlinks.

C) Forum posting / Q&A site

Another great way to get visitors to a website is forum postings and Q&A sites. People post on forums and question-and-answer sites to find out more. However, care must be taken when answering on forum sites or question-answer sites that it is done correctly. 

D) Video marketing

Video marketing can be another way to bring visitors to a website. By sharing 

E) Blog commenting

Another way to get visitors to the website can be blog comments. You have to find your site's targeted niche-related blogs and comment on the comment option and make the link hyperlink.

This is called backlink in the language of search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, just as visitors come to the site, the site moves to the top in Google search results. However, when creating a blog comment or bank link, 

We have ideas on how to bring visitors to the website so far through the above discussion. But the main work does not end here. Instead, the main work is just beginning. The standard.

Bounce rate standard

Less than 30% is perfect

41% - 55% is good

56% - 80% is not good

More than 80% worse

Content of the website and how to retain those visitors.

9. Quickly get a Google AdSense (Google AdSense) account.

Everyone who blogs or has tried to talk has heard of Google Adsense. You can earn AdSense money if you have a YouTube channel, blog, or own website. Many people who have a YouTube channel or blog expect to get an AdSense to account for themselves. I will not talk about Adsense here on the YouTube channel; I will talk about Google Adsense on the blog. If you search by typing Google Adsense on the net, you will see all kinds of information! Some people say that it is almost impossible to get it, while others say it is difficult to save, but many people suggest finding an alternative! Many people are disappointed and have named Google AdSense as Golden Deer! In our country, government service is called a golden deer!

Honestly, I had such an idea at first based on the information obtained from the net. But in the end, all bloggers acknowledge that Google AdSense is convenient, excellent, and trustworthy!

There is no chance to say bad things here today. Discussing the whole in light of my experience and my research. Now let's come to the real thing.

What is Google Adsense? How to make money from AdSense?

Google AdSense is Google's ad network program. Google Ads is the name given to Google's ads from various companies through Google Adwords. When publishers advertise these ads on their websites, they pay publishers 8% of Google's revenue. In addition to websites, ads can also be displayed on YouTube channels and mobile apps, but different terms and conditions apply. We are all publishers who use ads on blogs.

Is AdSense available in Bengali content?

Yes, I currently support Google Adsense in Bangla content. And you approved it in 2018. Even Blogger's free blog, i.e., Blogspot subdomain blog, Adsense, is easily available. This is called Hosted AdSense. There is no obligation to start with a top-level domain (.com .net .org .info)! Many people are making money with Adsense by blogging on Blogger's sub-domain, i.e., But top-level.

And it is now old news that Google gives ads in Bengali writing. Google AdSense has started giving ads on the Bangla language website since last 26th September 2017. Read: How to upgrade your hosted AdSense and do non-hosted AdSense.

How to apply for an AdSense account?

Before applying for a Google AdSense account, you must first verify that your website is eligible to receive AdSense. If you are sure, your website is fully compliant with the Google AdSense Program policy and Terms and Conditions, sign up by filling out this form.

However, if you want to apply for a Blogger blog hosted account, you do not need to apply through this form. In that case, you can use it from your blogger blog.

How old should the blog be before applying?

Many people are confused about this! Some say the blog's age should be at least six months, and some say it does not need to be six months! If you write well, Adsense is available in three or four months! Then who will you believe? In this case, I will talk about my own experience! I also got approval by applying Adsense on my 15-day old blog. However, in the case of hosted AdSense, the age of the blog is a little better.

What is the total number of posts on the blog before applying?

You will see a lot of confusion with this if you search on Google! Some say 25/30, Some say 50+, and some say 100+! My experience, in this case, is: I also got Adsense approval with my 10 posts. So there is no reason for newcomers to panic. Apply after writing 20-25 posts. I didn't have to apply for the second time with any blog in my Blogger's history; I got approval first. Use again after resolving those issues. However, it must be noted that the writing must be unique.

How many words should the post be, at least?

Some say it should be 500, and some say it should be 1000 words! According to Google's comment, if your post is less than 300 words with a post value of 300+ words, then in my opinion, before applying for a few posts, publish several 1000+ word articles. That way, there will be no issue of unfavorable content. Many people face this problem. However, the better the writing quality, the more informative the writing, the bigger the size of the essay, the sooner it will be approved. But it would not be right to fill the content with meaningless sentences to increase the text's size. Remember for our site visitors.

Can I copy and paste?

Google Spot has said that copy-paste cannot be done! However, this does not mean that no information can be taken from the net. The necessary information can be collected from the net and written in one's own language.

AdSense does not provide articles on any topic:

Sex, pornography, violence (prohibited content) such posts can not be given. Even if you post insulting any religion, tribe, clan, or group, it is outside Google's AdSense policy. No drug trafficking, arms trafficking, or promotional content.

See the AdSense content policy here.

What information do you need to have when applying?

The blog should have a privacy policy, contact information, privacy policy, etc., pages. Google has asked them to use it clearly. However, the website must have a unique privacy policy.

Who is not Adsense for?

Those who want to make money quickly before making proper plans with the website.

Those who lack patience.

Less interest in writing. There is a tendency to copy the reports of others.

The website relies solely on Facebook visitors.

There are no plans to bring organic visitors through SEO.

I think once you get an AdSense account, thousands of dollars will keep coming.

There is not much interest and patience to study.

10. The easiest way to make money from blogs

1. that ad.

How to use it in your blog-

Choose an ad network first. 

Shortly after you place the ad code in the right place, the ad network will publish it on your blog, and the ad will show on your blog. Your job is done. When your readers click on that ad, the money will be credited to your account.

How much money can you get?

Earnings can range from ১ 0.01 to ৫০ 50 per click. This revenue depends on your blog's content because advertising is based on the blog's content. Your income depends on how many people are clicking on the ad.

How to make more money - Try to find out which place on your blog will attract the most readers and encourage them to click. Also, fix the type of ad. For example, there are more clicks on advertisements with pictures in a blog, and in other blogs, there are more readers of written advertisements.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This way, the income can be pretty good. Be careful when choosing a product or service. You need to understand what your readers might want to buy. This requires research and analysis. You also have to be careful when promoting; readers come to your blog to read your writing, they may be annoyed when they see the promotion of products or services all the time.

The product or service link with the writing should be published on your blog. 

How to use it in your blog-

product or service you want to market. Standard affiliate networks are Amazon, Clickbank, OMG India, Trootrac media. You may need to state what strategies and methods you have chosen for marketing at the time of application.

Most websites decide within 24-62 hours whether your application has been accepted. . Then, whenever someone clicks on that link or buys the product or service, you will get a commission from it.

How much money can you get-

3. . In this case, it is possible to control the most income. Since the Blogger does product design, pricing, and marketing, the income also depends on him.

How to use it in your blog-

 write in detail about the use of the product its usefulness, add a purchase button. Promote your product to others outside of your own readership. 

How Much Money Can You Make?

It has no upper limit. Prices, production costs 

BuySell Ads is such a popular network. In the blog section where you want to advertise, write "Advertise here" in the box.

Since you are in the blog. In my opinion, placing some fake ads in some places will encourage the advertiser to advertise on your blog.

Making money from blogs blog, choose any one way, and make money from the blog.

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