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After HSC, everyone is busy with admissions. Now that the epidemic is going on, everyone is worried about how the admission exams will be held in this corona, which has already been published. 

2020 Admission Exam Procedure

2021 Admission Exam Procedure

In the wake of the Corona outbreak, the Vice-Chancellors have taken a policy decision to conduct an online undergraduate admission test in the country's autonomous and public universities. For these reasons, Vice-Chancellor Prof. of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University (BDU) a proposal has been given to use a mobile-based software developed under the leadership of Munaj Ahmed Noor.

The proposal was actually agreed to by the vice-chancellors at a virtual meeting of the university council, an organization of vice-chancellors, on Saturday (October 16) evening. However, the subject will be set in consultation with the Ministry of Education and the (UGC). President of the organization and Vice-Chancellor Prof. of CUET. The meeting was chaired by Mohammad Rafiqul Alam and was attended by Vice Chancellors of different universities.

BDU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. led the creation of the mobile-based software. Munaj Ahmed Noor told the campus that the software has been created in a straightforward concept. However, the candidates who take part here will not have the opportunity to take shelter from any irregularities.

Prof. Munaj Noor said to reporters that the app is an android-based software, it can be worked both online and offline. When the students open the app, we will take control of the camera of his mobile and the control of the sound. Also, he will not be able to turn on any apps on the phone and not be able to do any work. Until we have this app on.

"Once students start using the online app, we can be able to counsel them," he told. And if they are out online, their photos and voice will be recorded and stored. It will be moved to our server later. Then we will know if he has copied. This is a simple concept.
Through these apps, MCQ and written type can be tested in two ways: Prof. Dr. Munaj Ahmed Noor.

He said that if the MCQ type test is done, the app will give the right mark. And in the written type test, you have to write in the notebook, then take a picture and upload it in the app. Once the upload is complete, it will go directly to our server. An example, he is writing in 10  notebooks, then 10 pages will capture images and send them. Thus, tests of the written part will be taken.
In response to whether the software will be given in the Google Play Store, Prof. Munaj Ahmed told that this app can not be stored in the Play Store at that moment. If you follow it, it will go away. So we will personally provide it for free. And if the authority of any university wants, they will be supplied freely.

Meanwhile, Professor. The University's Vice-Chancellor has appreciated this android-based app developed under Munaj Ahmed's leadership. If you would like to know the university council's president and vice-chancellor of CUET, Professor Mohammad Rafiqul Alam told that the app developed by BSMRDU's Vice-Chancellor has been presented on an online examination. Many vice-chancellors have been 'convinced' of this. However, the decision will be taken in consultation with the government and UGC.

National University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Harun-ur-Rashid told, in the meeting to take the online-based admission exam, BDU's Vice-Chancellor Prof. There is a request to use the app discovered by Munaj Ahmed. Everyone has appreciated this proposal. The request will be emailed to the most senior officials of the Ministry of Education and the UGC. There they will check and save.

"We extremely think that the software will make it able to held undergraduate admission exam in 2021 online-based," he told that. That will be implemented very soon he assured. Thus, all kinds of university admission tests will be held by using this app.

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