Mistakes before starting Fiverr in 2021

  Mistakes before starting Fiverr in 2021

Mistakes before starting Fiverr in 2021

When the client places the order without the required requirements

A client places a direct order. After placing an order, he looks at the requirements and realizes that he needs WordPress and Cpanel access.

Then the client tells me that he doesn't have these, or I can make him a website without them.

I will explain to the client in the next message that this is an essential thing, and there are many other things that we need to discuss, so let me know when he will be free.

Online but no reply. I immediately saw him and gave him a message. I am waiting for him, and it would be good if you let me know.

Even then, there is no reply.

Two days have passed like this, but I did not get a reply even today

So I wrote the word given in the image of the screenshot.

Maybe I can't reply, but I almost always get a reply when I write like this.

Writing like this is that the client does not understand what WordPress or Cpanel thinks, and if he understood, he would not have ordered directly. Many people then understand the direct order and give all the information step by step.

Since he doesn't understand this thing, I explained it to him with fear. If you talk to me, I will give him all these things. When he texts me when he is free, I will explain the things to him step-by-step and take access.

When Time sees that he doesn't know anything or is confused, he understands that he is scared.

Don't explain things to her when she's not online because it can be even more deadly if she wants to read and understand things and get confused.

Explain the matter to him as soon as he has a time schedule with you and discusses it with you, then he will be able to direct your coaching, and his confusion will go away.

Those who pay the director are a little more likely to be cancelled for web design, so try to do things slowly, then beat the healthy client.

Mistakes in Fiverr from start to finish - fatal mistakes before starting freelancing

In fact, Fiverr is like gaming. Here you can win or lose.

Many of us think that we will get a job as soon as we open a Fiverr account, but we get frustrated when we sit for months after opening an account. I keep wondering when I will get a job, or maybe my destiny has not yet opened up in Fiverr.

By Bangladeshi freelancing, we mean only Fiverr and Upwork, our first misconception about starting freelancing.

It would be a mistake to just say the wrong idea is a fatal mistake.

We sit for months after opening a Fiverr account when the client will message us.

But we never try to figure out how to get the job done by texting the client.

Just like we get messages automatically from Fiverr, what if we don't have an automatic system by which we can always send messages to clients from outside the marketplace?

Mistakes: The way we should work inside the marketplace

Now it will come down to how to communicate with the client from outside the marketplace. In fact, it is a huge issue.

But how to send a message to the client from inside this market and get regular work?

In addition to Fiverr, you also create Upwork and Ao account.

Suppose your gig goes down or your ranking goes down, then start working on Upwork immediately. The advantage of Upwork is that the client will post the job here, and you can apply for all the jobs you want and impress the client and bring the work.

This means that you can automatically get orders on Fiverr and do as you wish from other marketplaces.

Upwork or assume your regular earning and Fiverr is your passive earning. When Fiverr gigs up, you'll see a flood of dollars.

A program will be started with getting Clients and Hold Clients where the only detailed discussion will be held on how to deal with clients of Unlimited High Amount Budget from Marketplace. How to make a freelancer into a full-fledged agency company just from the marketplace. This program's key issue is how you should not make the same mistakes that we have made personally in the marketplaces in eight years. Hopefully, this program will be a complete program for all freelancers where every freelancer can start a business of their choice and make yourself a businessman.

My website has already given the modules of the program, so you can take a look.

Making the wrong gig

The second mistake of Fiverr is to create a gig without any research after creating the account.

Even if you made the right gig, I would say you made the wrong gig.

Now can you tell me how I realized you made the wrong gig without seeing your gig?

I am also talking about not getting any order or message on Fiverr even after sitting for months.

We all try to copy the gigs of all the other big topped sellers as usual.

We try to give them the same service tie to say copy.

This creates a lot of competition, and the gig's ranking goes down according to the Fiverr algorithm.

When your competition is high, the Fiverr algorithm will bring your watch up once and bring it down again.

So we should recharge some services and find out that the services are less competitive and the demand is more than the competition.

Suppose there is a demand of 50 people, but there is a competition of 30 people, then you have at least forty per cent chance to survive in that competition and increase your ranking and go to the top.

But you are creating a gig with all those keywords that have a competition of 20 thousand, and the demand is 2 million.

You can think that 20000 is much less than two lakhs, but brother, a man can do 5 to 6 projects together. Then you will see that if you multiply by 20000, then 20 lakhs do not matter. Out of twenty thousand, you are nothing but a putty fish.

So Sojasapta is saying leave out the high competitions and find out the low competition ones which have a little bit of demand and work with them little by little to increase the rank and rank them with reviews in other high competition gigs.

If you still do not understand, then you will understand that you have to do skill development.

Because when you do skill development, you will be able to get an idea about different things, and some different services will come to your mind.

Remember that every small service is from every small idea or ideas. You can sell different types of service Fiverr.

Wrong before starting freelancing- 3rd Part

Before creating a gig on Fiverr, search for the right gig and how to create the right gig:

Just as you can get a job with a gig on Fiverr, you are more likely to get a job if you don't get it right.

Now you can tell me how to understand which is the right gig?

To understand whether you are right or wrong, you may need others' help, or you may have to follow the right ways of others and then follow or follow the way you will know whether you are right or wrong.

How to follow another?

The real issue to follow on Fiverr is who gets the most orders and gets the most income.

So if you consider and follow it, then you need to find a seller whose income is higher and whose order is much higher.

Now the question is, who will do the research targeting a seller?

Of course not

First, you need to note down some things and find out about yourself.

1) What do you work with? Web design, Facebook ads, video editing or anything.

2) Whether you have the samples of the work you do ready.

3) If you can find out exactly who can use this job the most. For example, if you work with PowerPoint presentations, yours can be useful for motivational speakers, professors, writers. So you need to find someone who is exactly right for your job. Your service may be useful to everyone globally, but everyone in the world needs to take your service, or you need to know that.

How should research begin?

If you have the above three things in order, start researching the gig of Fiverr sellers.

First, choose the gig keywords for the job you're working on.

Now you may be wondering what kind of gig keyword to choose?

Different jobs have different keywords, so I can't specifically talk about any keyword.

All you have to do is understand what a buyer can do on Fiverr to find you.

If you don't know who has the most demand for your job, you don't understand this because you don't know who can search by typing according to the demand.

Many people may think that the search rules may be the same as Google search engine, but it is completely wrong.

Suppose in any one ministry, the Ministry of Food, the Ministry of Food, people can go to business or food to gather various information.

But people do not go to the market and collect information. Some people buy the product directly.

There is such a difference between Fiverr Marketplace and Google search, so you need to understand what people can search by typing in Fiverr Marketplace to find you.

Second, after searching on Fiverr, click on the dropdown filter (Sort by) on the right-hand side.

Then click on the "Bestselling" option, then check who is in the first row and check the second, third row in the same way.

Open the gigs of those who have more reviews.

Then see if the amount of running orders in Kader Gig is more than just copy their links to a note.

Third, comment and list the features that these sellers have, then compare.

Compare what is in a gig and what is not in a gig.

Then compare their features to create a feature that will serve the buyer with your gig.

Then build Gig's descriptions and images based on these features.

Fourth is your price, now. By averaging all the other sellers' price, you have to set a price that is a little slower than the others, and if your features are more than them, then your chances of getting a job increase.

Gig price is a big deal, which many of us don't notice.

So you must create a competitive feature and pay a competitive bid price where the client will be impressed by the price and think the price is reasonable.

Many people may think of putting 5  or 10 again. In fact, these price numbers are now at a deficient level in Fiverr, so if you publish a five-dollar gig with a 50$ gig, the value of the gig will go down a lot to a client.

To create a consistent gig that the place client will message or order you.

To put it bluntly, Microsoft was created from Mac. Microsoft copied and pasted everything from Mac and gave better features easily than Mac, to put it bluntly.

Although Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, has heard a lot from Steve Jobs about this copy-paste, at the end of the day, Bill Gates was the first in the list of the richest in Qatar for many years.

So if you can manage yourself by taking inspiration from someone like Bill Gates or following his path, then maybe you can see the look of success even if you are not like him.

I'm not saying copy to other sellers because copying can disable your account.

Follow the gigs of other sellers and make better gigs from them by following them so you can get a good job.

Hopefully, this episode had helped you a lot before you started freelancing.

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