Important Tricks to Increase Gig Ranking and Impressions

Important Tricks to Increase Gig Ranking and Impressions

Here are some important tricks to increase gig ranking and impressions

Many people work or want to work on Fiverr. The easiest and most popular marketplace for those who want to do freelancing is Fiverr. 

And of all the popular marketplaces so far, Fiverr is the only free marketplace where you don't have to spend dollars or take a premium membership for a bid or buyer request.

And everyone who works in Fiverr has a dream and hopes for gig rankings. Only those who were on Gig Fast Page in Fiverr will understand the facility of Fiverr, and those who once had this facility try to enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

So, gig ranking is an important issue for Fiverr. Today I will share with you some things that will help you in your gig ranking. These are my personal opinions. If many do not match, then avoid.

If I tell you how much time do you give to make a gig? Your answer may come in 1 day; I will say you are wrong. You should make a gig in at least 4-5 days. A gig made by someone working for a day or 1-2 hours will develop excellent output.

You may make a gig, but we think a gig is a big business. This gig can bring me lakhs of rupees per month one day. The much time you spend on research and make a gig, the more your output will come.

So how do I make a gig?

Let's not know how to make an interesting gig step by step.

What to look for when creating a gig:

1. Competitor Analysis

2. Attractive Unique SEO Friendly Title for Gig

3. Unique description

4. Gig's package

5. Gig tags

6. Picture for Gig (thumbnail)

7. Video for Gig

8. FAQ

Now I will tell you how to do these things carefully.

Competitor Analysis 

Competitor analysis is an important issue before creating a gig. First, you need to understand the market demand. You need to know what the people on the first page of the service you want to offer have mentioned in their gig, how they have created the title.

They are on the top page of Fiverr means that they must have done something for which Fiverr considered them worthy of the first page and gave them space on the first page.

On the first page, you will look at the titles, descriptions, gig packages, and gig tags of each gig time one by one.

From there, create a unique concept for your gig with good ideas. When doing competitor research, sit down with a notebook pen or Google Online Docs file.

Looking at all the gigs on the first page, one or two gigs will definitely make you feel slightly different. Keep notes of what makes them look different.

Now the thing is that many newcomers do not know how to do competitor research. To search, you need to click on Switch to buying.

📷Gig's title

The important thing for a gig is an SEO friendly title. The reason for saying SEO friendly here is that if you can't create a search-friendly gig title, you are less likely to come up in the top five search results. For this, you need to do your keyword research well before making a gig. Put the keyword of your service at the beginning of the title. For example, if your service is keyword research, then it can be a title.

I will research keywords and competitor analysis to boost Ranking.

You see, you must use some interesting words in the title for which your title will be clickable.

Many people copy the title of the gig and kill it. It can not be done at all.

📷Unique description

Gig rankings play an important role in a gig description. So gig descriptions are SEO friendly and attractive.

How to write an interesting description: You have to use keywords when writing a gig description.

For example, put the main keyword of the service in the first paragraph of the gig. And use some more supportive keywords to writing gigs

Since a keyword of five will not allow you to write more than three times, more than one keyword should not be used. So supportive keywords will help in gig ranking.

How to find supportive keywords:

First, enter your service's keyword and search in the Fiverr search bar, see if Niche is suggesting some more keywords. 

For example: if you search by typing Keyword research, then Niche may suggest some keywords like Competitor analysis, Website Ranking, Keyword Research, and competitor analysis. And note those keywords.

When you see the gigs on the top page, you will find some keywords in their tags. Note them. Now try to write a description with all the keywords that match your service.

And Gig's description can't be copied in any way, if you need a friend who can write good English, you must write to him for free, or you can hire a content writer from the marketplace if you think it's disguisting. You can also hire a good content writer by posting.

And Gig must keep clear what things you will provide and what requirements the client will have to provide. There will be a possibility to avoid order cancellation.


  Gig's package 

One of the most important things about gig ranking and getting things done easily is optimizing Gig's packages. We write their packages exactly the same way as we write 08-10 gigs of their packages. It reduces the possibility of getting the job done. So try to keep the package as unique and attractive as possible. Clients often order only by looking at the package without reading the full gig description. Try to explain your package in a few words.

Gig's tag

Gig tags can be optimized well but are much more likely to come out on top in search results. But what kind of tag should be used? Fiverr but does not have irrelevant tags. You will notice that if you give 05 tags, it often omits one or two. In that case, it is important to select the correct tag.

You can use the Fiverr search bar to select tags, look at the tags of 10-20 competitors, copy them all, and put them in the docs. From there, just separate those keywords that exactly match your service. Then look at the most common keywords that competitors are using the most. From there, filter and select the 05 tags of your choice.

📷Gig's picture (thumbnail)

I would like to say the most important thing about a gig is the picture of the gig. If Gig's picture isn't interesting, it's more likely to click and not work.

So make as many pictures of Gig as you can. If you can't make a good quality design yourself, get it done by someone else.

Another important thing is the keyword optimization of thumbnails. It will multiply your gig cell. Use some clickable words that are compatible with the service. Seeing that, the buyer will be forced to click on your gig.

Optimize thumbnail mobile friendly

Many of us make thumbnails, but it looks good on laptops but not on mobile devices. From my experience, most buyers use mobile devices when ordering. So when you create a thumbnail, you will see that thumbnail writing can be seen clearly on the mobile device. 

You will see many clients come to work during lunch break, at that very moment, but the client does not have time to read the whole gig. Search and read the thumbnails and order whatever you like.

📷Thumbnail file optimized

Please optimize it before uploading the thumbnail. In other words, give the title image file name of your gig. If necessary, you can just put the main keyword in the file name.

📷 Gig's video

Fiverr itself says that a gig video helps to increase cell sales by 80%. So if possible, give your gig video. Explain nicely in the video what services you will provide, and what benefits you will get from here, what requirements are required for this.

 Not only do you have to create videos in front of the camera with a face cam, but you can also create great videos with Filmora, Camtasia or Adobe Premiere Pro, or After Effects. If you can't make it yourself, get someone's help, or hire someone.

Video file optimized

Please optimize the video before uploading it. In other words, you will give the file name of the title video of your gig. If necessary, you can just put the main keyword in the file name.


Frequently Ask Question: This is also a ranking factor of Gig. So use all the questions related to Gig in FAQ. Such as

What will I receive in the Basic package ??


Will you have to provide access?


What's the benefit of your service?


will you provide me the PDF file?


You can add as many questions as a client can to the FAQ. This will help to solve many of the client's questions and will also help in ranking.

When you write a gig description, everyone gets the FAQ option.

These are just some of the goal reaching setting shareware that you can use. Here are some more tips and tricks:

1. Being active regularly, there can be no big tricks of Impressions or Gig Ranking Improv. So stay active as much as possible.

2. Stay active in Fiverr's own forum. If you are active in the Fiverr forum, you will get some good information and know the updated things. And it's inside the Fiverr Activator, so stay active on the Fiverr Forum at a certain time of the day.

3. The buyer will request, there is a possibility that the buyer will visit your gig, then both the click and the impression will increase.

4. Another way is that although social shares will not benefit much from it, the performance of the gig will increase a bit. If you can bring targeted clients to your social media, then Gig has the possibility of getting work done on social media shares. Share your work activity on social media.

For this, you can share your work activity on Twitter, Instagram, and Qoora Pinterest as well as gig share.

Be sure to share it on your profile. Not in the comments of any celebrity or in the comments of any page

5. You have to try to get the first job and give the best effort in the first job. If the client gives 5 *, then the gig's impression will increase very much and fast.

6. The more order queues there are in the gig, the more likely the gig is to rank higher. So when the work is done, wait for the client with important files. You can submit the work towards the end of the order delivery time. And you can increase the time of the gig package a little.

So far today, I will share some more great ideas about other marketplace.

If everyone shares more, then the newcomers will be able to study these issues better.

Thank in advance

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