Covid-19 || 3rd_Stage

Covid-19 || 3rd_Stage

We've entered the Covid-19丨3rd Stage.

The 3rd stage means that it is no longer possible to find out who is getting the corona-virus from where and how.

What to do now ??? Checklist

1) The elderly should not be allowed to go out of the house even if they forget.

2) Patients of any age who are physically weak, diabetic, hypertensive, kidney problems, liver problems, lung problems, heart problems, etc., should not be allowed to go out of the house even if they forget because their body has low immunity.

3) If a healthy young man/woman has to go out with a special need, then at least an average distance of 3 feet (range 1.5 to 5 meters) must be maintained with any known / unknown person outside. There is no question of going to a gathering.

4) You must use a mask to get out.

5) When you are in the market / come from the market, you can't touch your nose, mouth, eyes, or even your ears until you wash your hands thoroughly with hand-wash/soap for 20 seconds.

6) After hand washing, the clothes used in the market should be soaked in detergent water for at least 1/2 hour and then washed + bathed.

7) There is no need to use a mask if there is no Covid-19 patient/suspect in the room.

9) It is better to wash well and eat more fruits with vitamin-C. Soak the fruits in water for half an hour and then eat them. Any packet of biscuits, cakes, etc., brought from outside should be washed before use.

10) Do not sweep the house. Instead, it should be removed directly with bleaching powder / Lysol floor cleaner. Dust cannot be allowed to fly in any way.

11) Shoes used in the market/outside should be kept outside the house.

12) Think of an outsider as a covid-19 + ve patient and keep yourself aware of that. (Since I entered Stage-3.).

13) Newspapers, parcels, work people, if any outsider wants to come home, say no directly. Find out online for any news.

14) Eat only home-cooked food.

15) Food spoilage should be avoided. Try to utilize the market/vegetables that are at home.

15) Avoid cold foods/drinks completely.

16) Not leaving the house at all is the best way.

Note: If you have any problems like cold, cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose, etc., at this time, do not take any medicine given by the roadside pharmacists/quacks (because their maximum prescription contains antibiotics/painkillers which can be contraindicated if taken now). Can).

Contact the nearest doctor if you have any of the above problems.

Allah saves us all.



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